July 11, 2011

The Sea Turtles at Akumal Bay

I haven't made a page that I've loved so much for a very long time.  And I 'm pretty happy about that because this story was the highlight of our trip.  Usually, when I try to scrap pages that mean a lot to me, I struggle with the layout and the journaling and I'm never happy with the end result.  But this page was different. Everything just fell into place and I got it finished in just two or three hours.  Now, you speedy scrappers will gasp at that.  But, I am a very sllloooowww scrapper so getting a page done in that amount of time is a huge accomplishment!

I didn't take this photo, as we did not have an underwater camera with us, this day.  I *borrowed* it from the TripAdvisor photo gallery.  This particular turtle is living in Akumal Bay and this is exactly how I remember them.

Papers and embellishments are Bo Bunny, Rub-on is Fancy Pants, Pink Paislee alpha, painted in acrylic paint, journaling printed on transparency, jute detail

The journaling reads:
Just a short $12 taxi ride away from the resort is Akumal Bay.  This public beach is home to many loggerhead sea turltes.  We brought our own snorkel gear and set out to find some turtles.  It took us a while to see anything, but suddenly, there as a big sea turtle, right in front of us.  We were so close to it that we could see its' tongue grabbing the sea grass to chew on.  We floated and watched it for quite some time.  Then the turtle slowly swam up to the surface of the water, spit out a mouthful of water, took in a breath of air and then slowly swam back down to start eating again.  It was amazing! We found about a dozen turtles that afternoon.  Some were huge!! None of them seemed to be too concerned with us.  They just went about their business eating, swimming and getting some air.  What a spectacular way to spend the afternoon!

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